30 January 2023

A Trip to Europe! Part 2 of 4

Part one of this post took us through the family photo album up to their voyage across from Boston to Liverpool. The first section of the album after the crossing contains photographs from their travels across Scotland, Wales, and England.

The order of the photographs in the United Kingdom, as I mentioned before, appears to be out of order unless the family crisscrossed and doubled back on themselves. They covered a lot of ground, visiting Scotland, Wales, and central England. The map shows all the places where they took photographs.


This is the order of the photograph locations as placed in the album:


v  Ellen’s Island (Loch Katrine)       v  Melrose Abbey

The first photograph in the album after their arrival is at Ellen’s Island (the Island on which Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake resides) on the Loch Katrine in Scotland, near Loch Lomand and Stirling.

Clockwise from top right:
Ellen's Lake on Loch Katrine, page 9;
Ellen's Lake today;
Melrose Abbey, page 11


v  Eton                                                             v  Leicester 

v  Windsor Castle                                            v  Leamington (again)     

v  Leamington                                                  v  Kenilworth Castle

v  To Stratford on horse-drawn cart                 v  Blenheim Castle                               

v  River Avon                                                   v  Woodstock         

v  Shakespeare Tavern                                    v  Chaucer House

v  Shakespeare Hotel                                       v  Oxford      

v  Shakespeare Memorial                                 v  Canterbury (Cathedral, Bishop’s 

v  Ann Hathaway Cottage                                     House, and Roman Arch) 

v  Warwick Castle


Top to bottom:
Eton and Windsor Castle, page 19;
Traveling by horse-drawn cart to Stratford, page 21;
Warwick Castle, page 33;
Page 21 detail: Lewis top left, Fannie immediately below;
Page 33 detail: Fannie far left, Lewis back left, Scott either back row or front left


v  Llanberis                                             v  Train up Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon)    

v  Betws-y-co-ed (Fairy Glen)                 v  Top of Yr Wyddfa (Mount Snowdon)

Top to bottom:
Betws-y-co-ed, page 63;
Climbing Yr Wyddfa, page 69;
Top of Yr Wyddfa, page 67, L-R Lewis, Fannie, Scott, Mrs. Baldwin

England (again)

v  London from the Thames                              v  Durham

v  Windsor Castle (again)                                  v  Eton Hall (again)

v  London Houses of Parliament                       v  River Dee (Wales/England border)

v  London Westminster Abbey                           v  Duke of Westminster Garden

v  London St. Margaret’s Church                       v  Eton Hall (again)

v  London Nelson Monument                             v  Chester

v  London Tower Bridge                                     v  St. John’s, ruins of old St. John’s

v  York                                                                v  Hawarden Keep – near Chester 

v  Lake Windemere                                                 (1300 AD)      

v  Lincoln                                                            v  Gladstone residence   

Top to bottom:
Tower of London from the Thames and (inexplicably) the Chateaux de Longchamps in Paris, page 71;
London: Parliament and Big Ben (not yet so-named), page 75;
London: Nelson Monument and Tower Bridge, page 78;
Lincoln, page 83;
Hawarden Keep (near Chester)- Lewis and Fannie, page 93

From England they went to Paris and beyond . . . see part three for their travels on the Continent!


England map: Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps 

Ellen’s Lake: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2917556, copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

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