20 February 2023

A Trip to Europe! Part 3 of 4

Prior posts explained the photo album documenting a trip to Europe taken in 1901 by my Woodruff ancestors and the start of their journey in Scotland, Wales, and England. The photos appear to be out of order (including one photo from Paris!), and it is unlikely that they were placed in the album in chronological order. 

From England they crossed the channel and started their adventures on the Continent, visiting France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. The photographs appear to be in a better order than those from the first part of their journey, but they are not in the exact order of their trip unless they crisscrossed back and forth across Switzerland.

The map shows all the locations from which they took photos, with the exception of photos taken on the river Rhine.
The start of their photographic essay on the Continent is in Paris, where they stayed at 44 Rue de Clichy.
44 Rue de Clichy, Paris, page 95

44 Rue de Clichy then and now

In Paris, they photographed:

v  Château de Longchamps in the Bois de Boulogne

v  Luxembourg Gardens             v  Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel (a lesser known arch)

v  Eiffel Tower                              v  Pantheon

v  St-Denis                                  v  Cluny Museum

v  Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile     v  Hotel des Invalides

                                                     v  Versailles

Paris, top to bottom:
Luxembourg Gardens and Eiffel Tower, page 96;
St. Denis, page 97;
Two different Arcs de Triomphe and the Seine, page 98;
Versailles, page 104

From France they travelled to Switzerland, where their photographs feel very out of order! This is the order in which they are placed in the album:

v  Tete Noire                                                 v  Staubbach Falls

v  Martigny                                                   v Chamonix

v  Brnig Pass                                              v Interlaken

v  Lake Thun                                                v Lake Brienzersee

v  Scheidegg                                                v Lake Lucerne

v  Mὔrren                                                      v Nyon

v  Trient                                                         v Geneva

v  Lauterbrunnen

Some of their photographs from Switzerland, in the order in which they are placed in the album:

Switzerland, top to bottom:
Scheidegg, page 116;
Funicular to Mὔrren, page 117;
Lion of Lucerne, page 128;
Nyon, page 130;
Fred, Lewis, and Scott - Lake Geneva, page 132

More on the family travels in part four – Germany, the Netherlands, and the voyage home.


Europe map: Google Maps https://www.google.com/maps 

44 Rue de Clichy today: Google Maps Street View https://www.google.com/maps 

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