10 January 2018

Continued hiatus

The workload of my new job combined with a move to a new city in September and into a new home in November caught up with me!

I have several blog posts in the works and will be back up to speed by the end of January.  A much longer hiatus than I originally anticipated!

As a placeholder, I'll show you a gift from my mother this season:

Published in 1933 by the Newport Chamber of Commerce, this is an extensive look at many of the historic buildings in Newport, RI along with some historical facts about the founding of Newport and the original settlers there (some of whom are my ancestors).

The pamphlet was printed by the Gladding Print shop, no doubt holding some connection to my great-grandmother's friend and first cousin once removed, Bessie Gladding.  I am still in contact with, and close to, Bessie's descendants.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year.