22 July 2018

Summer Travels

I subscribe to the Weekly Genealogist, an email newsletter published (as you might have guessed, on a weekly basis) by the New England Historic and Genealogical Society (NEHGS).  It’s a great newsletter, with updates on NEHGS databases, webinars, in-person seminars, collection acquisitions, etc.  The newsletter also includes a mini newsfeed, providing links to articles of interest from other sources, as well as blogs and articles on various areas of interest to genealogists.

The NEHGS Library, Newbury Street, Boston
It’s an informative and interesting read each week, but there’s one aspect of the newsletter that I find most compelling: they include a reader survey, with questions I always find of interest.  The newsletter also provides the results from the prior week poll and selected stories that were shared by subscribers that relate to their own survey responses.  Inevitably, as summer approached, one such poll question was “[Do] you plan to travel for genealogical purposes this summer” with multiple options for answers, including visits to libraries/societies; visits to ancestral towns/cities; attendance at a genealogical convention or seminar, etc.

This struck me because most summers I do travel to visit relatives, ancestral locales and to institutions to conduct research.  This summer I am still in the first year of a new job, so the opportunity for taking time off is limited – plus, the summer is our crunch time at work: I am traveling, but not for my own purposes! 

Seeing this poll question did cause me to reflect, though, on past travel that I’ve taken for genealogical reasons or even just to places that played a role in my family’s history.